90 Days Forward

The reputation, relationships and employees of the Minnehaha County State’s Attorney’s Office have been damaged.  This plan is a blueprint of how, in my first 90 days in office, I will change the direction of this office.  As the first Republican elected to this office in over 30 years, I will prioritize public safety and fiscal responsibility.

  • Immediately start restoring relationships with stake holders such as citizens, the State Bar, community organizations, businesses, law enforcement, and the press.
  • Utilize a regular mode and method for sharing information with the public. This will include information on arrests, convictions and trends.
    • An informed public enhances our ability to fight crime.
  • Implement proven methods to reduce repeat offenses and tailor these methods to Minnehaha County.
  • Initiate utilization of effective case management software to streamline work flow and reduce attorney burden.
    • Coronavirus has required us to rethink how to perform the same work in an innovative and versatile way. Moving away from paper files is essential.
  • Consider each plea bargain as an opportunity to negotiate on behalf of the community.
    • By viewing each agreement and plea bargain as an opportunity we can tailor case outcomes to benefit our community.
  • Complete a thorough budget review to ensure each tax payer dollar benefits the community.
  • Establish a formal mentorship program for attorneys and support staff.
    • The people in the Minnehaha County State’s Attorney’s Office are a valuable resource. Investing in them will greatly benefit the community.