Daniel Haggar announces his candidacy for Minnehaha County State’s Attorney

Sioux Falls, SD – January 6, 2020– Daniel Haggar announces his candidacy for  Minnehaha County State’s Attorney.

I am running for Minnehaha County State’s Attorney to enforce our laws in a way that promotes justice. I will  provide fresh, hardworking leadership for the office and our communities. Keeping where we live safe is my top priority and essential for the continued growth of our County. My wife, Jennifer, and I were raised in Minnehaha County and we have chosen to raise our three young children here. I am invested in ensuring this is a great place to live and raise a family. 

I have extensive legal experience in the public sector. I have served as a public defender, state’s attorney, and city attorney. I prosecuted and defended criminal cases from arrest to trial. This helps me to understand the impact the criminal justice system has on individuals and our communities. 

I believe Minnehaha County deserves a leader with fresh perspective, who values being present and working hard. There are many passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated employees in the State’s Attorney Office who are currently doing excellent work. These employees deserve a working environment that fosters integrity and furthers justice. By serving alongside these employees I will improve the efficiency and organization of the office.

In Minnehaha County, I will collaborate with stakeholders to fight violent crime, find lasting ways to halt the current crime trends, and reduce the number of repeat offenders. I will find solutions which prioritize our communities, but also benefit our State. I have experience in the legislative process. When appropriate, I will be able to provide leadership when legislative questions arise.

The chief prosecutor in the most populous county in South Dakota needs to be a visible leader focused on safety, integrity and justice.  As Minnehaha County State’s Attorney I will be that leader.

Contact Daniel Haggar at 605-610-9338 or haggarforstatesattorney@gmail.com with any questions. 

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